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Install your wireless printer on different devices

Wireless printer is one of the popular printing devices due to its versatility and functionality. A wireless printer can enable you to print from any handheld device including Android phones, iPhone, and iPad. You can even place your wireless printer anywhere you want. You can print your document from the distance of several yards via Bluetooth enabled computer. You can access from anywhere a Wi-Fi printer to your computer which should be connected to the same network.

Wireless printer keeps a number of advantages in itself, so a number of wireless printer consumers are increasing day-by-day. As much as the printer technology is increasing, the more it is becoming difficult to configure and to install a wireless printer.In this article, we are briefing you on How To Install a Wireless Printer on different devices.

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  1. 1. Installing a Wireless Printer on a Windows Computer:
    • i. Plugin power cord of your Wireless Printer into the wall outlet and turn it on. You do not require connecting it to your computer.
    • ii. Go to the Control Panel of your computer and click Devices and Printers.
    • iii. Click on Add a printer option.
    • iv. Choose Add network, wireless or Bluetooth printer from the Add Printer wizard.
    • v. From the list choose your printer model and click the Next button.
    • vi. Install a printer driver if prompted. To install the printer driver you can check our installing the printer driver page.
    • vii. Let the setup process complete by clicking Finish.
  2. 2. Installing a wireless printer on a Mac Computer:
    • i.Select the System Preferences from Apple menu.
    • ii. Select the Printer & Scan option.
    • iii. From the list of printers click the + button.
    • iv. Now choose your printer and follow the prompts in order to complete the installation of other software required.
  3. 3. Installing a wireless printer on an iPad or iPhone:
    • i. Turn on your wireless printer and open an iPad app that you want to print from.
    • ii. Open the document that you want to print such as image or email and click the Share icon.
    • iii. Click your AirPrint from the available list and click Print.
    • iv. This will allow you to print from your iPad or iPhone.
  4. 4. Installing a wireless printer on an Android Device:
    • i. Go to Google Chrome on your computer.
    • ii. On the top-right corner of the Chrome click the horizontal lines.
    • iii. Click Settings and go to the Advanced Settings of the Chrome.
    • iv. Select Google Cloud Print and click Manage Cloud Print devices.
    • v. Click Add printers.
    • vi. Now go to Play Store of your Android phone or tablet and install cloud print by Google Inc.
    • vii. Make sure you are logged in with the same account to your Android phone and computer both. You can now see your printer.

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