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Everything brings to a halt when your printer stops printing your documents suddenly. You must be wondering what is wrong with the printer.  The HP printer is not printing is one of the common issues nowadays with printers. Sometimes, it seems everything is ok with the printer from outside but there might be some major reasons behind the technical glitches in printers. You can run a checklist to identify the issue. In this article, we are providing a checklist to identify the common printer errors for your ease.

  1. Restart the whole system: At first, restart your computer by turn it off and then turn on again. After restarting the computer, restart your printer and at last, restart your WiFi connection.
  2. Check all the cables, connections and power cords: check if all the cables and power cords are connected properly or not. If all cables are connected well and power cords are plugged in then skip to checking the network connection. First, verify your computer and printer are connected to the same network. Then check network cable you are using for internet connection. If you are using wireless internet connection such as internet dongle, WiFi, and wireless internet modem then reinstall these devices.
  3. Update the printer driver: The printer driver is a software program that enables a connection between your printer and computer without being aware of the technical information of the printer. If you have installed a printer driver make sure the software is updated. If it is not updated then update the software and reinstall it as well if required. To install the printer driver software go to our installing the printer driver page.
  4. Clear the printer queue: Printer queue is another common printer issue that makes your printer not working. Simply go to the Control Panel and click Devices & Printers. Select your printer and right-click on it. Select See what’s printing. Click Printer and select Open As Administrator. Go to the Printer menu again and select Cancel All Documents this time. At last, confirm your commands by clicking Yes.

-Published: 26/12/2019
By: PrinterSupportHelplineNumber

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