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The Printer has become an essential part of our day to day life. Using printer is the easiest task when they work smoothly, but when they stuck it becomes the most irritating and difficult as well. Printer Troubleshooting Customer Support, Common printer problems can lead us to the biggest trouble and halt all our work.

Printer Troubleshooting Customer Support|Common Printer Errors and How to Troubleshoot Them

1. Slow Printing: Slow printing can be caused by any reason such asprint quality settings, memory issues, or wrong driver installation, etc. If you find your document be print in normal quality you can change printer quality settings to normal mode through printer settings.

2. Paper Jam:

  • Simply turn off the printer by using the power button and on again after a while.  Then print a test page in order to ensure whether the printer is working properly or not.
  • Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord. Remove the jammed paper patiently from the printer through open up the main cartridge access door. Close the cartridge access door after removing the paper and turn on the printer.
  • Check the placement of the cartridge.
  • Last but not least service your printer.

3. The Printer is Printing Blank Pages after Every Print: The printer settings need to be changed when you face this problem.

  • From the control panel in your computer option, choose your printer.
  • You have to change printer preferences from the printer.
  • Deselect the separator pages.

4. Printer and Network Connectivity Issues: If you are facing connection and network issues, some of the steps can be followed in order to troubleshoot this problem:

  • Make sure the router or internet connection is working well. To check the function of the router or internet connection, verify all the cables are connected properly and correctly.
  • Try to connect your computer to a wireless network connection via hotspot.
  • Check the name and path of the network printer from the printer settings.

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Printer Troubleshooting Customer Support, If you work in an office, you have probably found a problematic printer at least once, if not several. Unfortunately, printers are prone to errors that prevent the printer from printing correctly or cannot print completely. However, such problems are usually the result of 1 or more very common problems that fortunately have very easy solutions that you can implement to make your print work correctly again.

Solve mechanical problems

1. Make sure the printer is plugged in and there are no error messages.

It may seem simplistic, but often the main problem with the printer is that it is simply not connected correctly. Make sure that the power cord is connected to the wall and that all other cables are secured, then confirm that there is no error message in the printer. Printer Troubleshooting Customer Support +1-833-486-0565
• If the printer is sending you an error message, this message will indicate the exact cause of the problem. If you cannot interpret the error message, refer to the printer’s instruction manual or consider calling Printer Troubleshooting Customer Support .

2. Confirm that there is paper in the tray and that it is the correct size.

Often, the reason your printer does not print is simply because it has no paper to print! Open the printer tray and make sure there is paper of the correct size inside.
• Paper in the tray should be flat in the tray; There should be no folds or bumps on the paper once you place it on the tray and you shouldn’t have to force it.

3. Remove paper jams that may be clogging the printer.

Paper jams are extremely common problems that most printers eventually encounter. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, open the printer and gently remove any paper that is trapped inside. Avoid tearing the paper and leaving even smaller pieces trapped inside.
• Check the correct paper size and type in your printer’s manual and make sure that the paper feeder has not been overfilled to avoid paper jams and may even stop a blurring or uneven printing problem.
• Some types of printers may have difficulty printing on special paper, such as glossy sheets or thick cardboard. Using a slightly smaller stack of clean, light, 8-inch (20.3 cm) by 10-inch (25.4 cm) printer/copier paper will probably prevent the messy headache of jams.

4. Clean dust and other materials that cause printer problems.

Paper jams are often the result of the accumulation of dust and debris on the top of the printer and that make their way inside. To avoid paper jams, dust your printer regularly and prevent these harmful substances from accumulating.
• For best results, try to dust your printer at least once a week.

1. Update or reinstall your driver

Go to the website of your printer manufacturer and select the appropriate printer model and computer operating system. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to update or reinstall your driver. Note that you may have to uninstall the driver beforehand.
• The website of your printer manufacturer is probably in the printer manual.
• Check and check the website regularly to make sure you don’t miss a major driver update in the future!

2. Make sure your printer is connected to your Wi-Fi network.

If you are trying to print from a computer wirelessly over Wi-Fi, you must ensure that your printer is logged in to the same network as your computer so that both can connect and the print job can be sent from your computer to the printer
• If your printer is near your Internet router, you can connect it to your Internet by connecting it to the router using an Ethernet cable.
• You can also connect your printer directly to your computer with a USB cable, if you prefer to avoid wi-fi connections completely.

3. Use the appropriate mobile application to print with your mobile device.

If you want to print something from your mobile device, you must download and use the application that the manufacturer of your printer developed to use it specifically with your products and with your type of phone.
• If you have an Apple device or a Mac with a printer connected, you will probably have to use AirPrint or Printer Pro to print directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
• Other common applications or softwares used to print from mobile devices include PrinterShare, Epson Connect, Mopria Print Services and Google Cloud Print.

4. Contact your problem solver if you cannot solve the problem yourself.

Ultimately, if you have not been able to determine the problem with your printer on your own, using the printer’s troubleshooter on the computer connected to the printer will be your last best chance to identify and resolve the problem. If this does not work, you may need to consult a professional for Printer Troubleshooting Customer Support.


  • Keep your printer’s manual in a convenient place near your computer or workstation. If you already threw it away, or your printer did not come with one, you can probably find it online looking for the appropriate brand and model number.
  • Most of these steps will also work to troubleshoot an office copier.
  • Having exhausted all these options, it may be time to: call a repair person if it is a high-end printer; Contact the printer manufacturer if the printer is still under warranty; or consider replacing the old printer with a new one.

-Published: 28/12/2020

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