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HP is one of the top brands for manufacturing printers and other IT services. Instructions To Keep HP Printer Clean, HP printers are widely used printers due to their quality, functions, and price. As the printer is consist of many hardware components, hence becomes a delicate device and requires regular maintenance. Being a printer support provider, we know how regular cleaning matters to printers.

Instructions To Keep HP Printer Clean

  1. Turn off your HP printer and unplug the power cord.
  2. Take out the cartridge from the HP printer.
  3. Take a dampened, neat, and soft cloth to clean the cartridge.
  4. Keep the cartridge on a neat piece of paper.
  5. Clean the cartridge thoroughly carefully.
  6. Now open the cartridge access door and place the cartridge inside the HP printer.
  7. Give a print command to ensure and test the printing.

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Instructions To Keep HP Printer Clean, You can also set automatic cleaning of ink cartridge through printer’s settings. Simply go for the “Clean the Print Cartridge” option in the Service tab of your HP printer. We are a leading printer support provider with a highly qualified and professional tech support team. Instruction to clean paper jam error. We Provide 24X7 HP Printer Customer Support via call +1-833-486-0565, chat, and remote access.

Instructions To Keep HP Printer Clean, Paper jams and other problems with the printer can be really frustrating. Fortunately, most minor problems can be solved with a simple cleaning. In general, all you need to do is run the automatic cleaning function that most printers have. If that doesn’t work, you can manually clean the paper rollers and cartridges. You just need a clean cloth and some water. Your printer can be clean in no time! for call Hp Customer service number

Instructions To Keep HP Printer Clean | Using the automatic cleaner on your printer

  1. 1. Check your manual to see if you can activate a cleaning from the control panel.

Get the manual that came with your printer and look for “cleaning” or a similar term in the index. Follow the instructions to use the printer buttons to start automatic cleaning. Each printer is different, so it is important to use the instructions that come with your brand and model.
• Usually, this is all you need to do to clean the inside of your printer. If you cannot find your manual, you can locate it online by looking for the type of printer you have and “manual”.

2. Open your printer software on your computer and look for the “Clean” option, if necessary.

Some printers do not have the option of executing the cleaning function directly from the printer buttons. If your manual does not indicate that option, you can start the cleaning application from your computer. To access these options, right-click on the printer icon at the bottom of your computer screen.
• When the menu opens, select the one that appears: “Maintenance”, “Utility”, “Toolbox” or “Properties”. The term will vary depending on the type of printer you have.
• Then, select the cleaning option.

3. Print a test page to see if the cleaning worked.

Depending on your model, your printer can automatically print a test page after executing the cleaning function. If not, check your manual again. I should give you specific instructions on how to print a test page.
• If the ink is still stained or the paper jams, run the cleaning program again.

Instructions To Keep HP Printer Clean | Keep the paper rollers clean

1. Remove the paper tray to place the paper rollers in an inkjet printer.

You can usually find the paper rollers on an inkjet paper by simply lifting the paper tray from the printer. The paper rollers are made of rubber and are approximately 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) wide.
• You may need to rotate the printer to see the bottom, where the rollers are typically located.

2. Locate the paper rollers on the access panel on a laser printer.

The rollers may be near the paper tray, but they are not always there. If you don’t see them, open the printer access panel, which can be found on the front or back of your printer, depending on the model. You may need to remove the cartridge from the printer to access the rollers.

3. Moisten a clean cloth with a little water.

Take a soft cloth that is clean and lint-free. Dip the cloth in a cup of water enough to make it wet, not wet.
• Distilled or filtered water works best, but any clean water should be fine.

4. Turn the rollers while cleaning to clean the entire surface.

Gently rotate the rollers with the damp cloth. Do some rotations to make sure you have cleaned the entire roller of dust or debris.
• On laser printers, you may not be able to turn the rollers manually. Don’t worry, you can easily unhook the clips that hold the rollers in place and remove them. Simply place them in the package and hold the clips after cleaning the rollers.
• Dry the rollers with the dry part of the towel.

5. Close the printer and print a test page to see if it works.

Your printer could automatically print a test page after closing the access panel or replacing the paper tray. Otherwise, check your manual to see how to print a test page.
• If you still have printing problems, try cleaning the rollers again.


  • If you notice damage to the rollers, contact the manufacturer to request new ones. You may need to take the printer to a repair shop for replacement.
  • Do not use alcohol or solvents on the rollers, as this could dry them.

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