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HP Printers are one of the most trusted and widely used printer across the world. If you gating HP printer issues call our toll free number.They are ideal for home and work and suitable for both personal and professional purposes. However, there are certain HP Printer issues that you may face and are have to spend a lot of time diagnosing and fixing it. To save your time and help your fix HP Printer without any trouble, we have compiled a list of general HP Printer problems that users face and ways to conduct effective HP Printer troubleshooting. If you require assistance and support with these HP Printer issues and want our help to know more about how to fix HP Printer, then contact HP Helpline Number at +1-833-486-0565. We provide 24/7 immediate remote support.

Common HP Printer Issues and HP Printer Troubleshooting

Here are some common HP Printer issues and ways to conduct HP Printer troubleshooting for them-

  1. HP Printer prints too slowly
    If your printer prints very slowly, then it could be because of high-resolution settings, printing in Duplex mode, or memory problems. Try decreasing your printing resolutions and changing from Duplex to Simplex mode to solve this issue.
  2. HP Printer paper jams
    This is one of the most common HP Printer issues that people face. There could be various HP Printer problems leading to this issue. Here are a few solutions that you can try-
    i. Check if your paper is aligned with the paper tray. If not, align it properly, and then try printing.
    ii. Check if your paper tray is holding more than the recommended paper capacity. If yes, take off the load by removing some amount of paper from the paper tray.
    iii. Check if the paper/media type setting on the printer menu matches with the type of printing that you are doing. Printers have different printing settings based on the type of printing paper that you are using. Sometimes, a mismatch in these settings causes paper jams.
    iv. Check if the rollers have been overused and need replacement.
    v. Check if your printer tray, roller, and surrounding area are clean.
  3. Printing quality is low
    If despite operating fine, your printer prints bad quality pictures with smudges, poor image quality, or faded prints then the problem could lie in the hardware or printer supplies.
    This could be a result of a clogged print head, dried ink, or cartridge issues.
    Unclog your printhead, unclog your ink nozzles, and inspect your cartridges to solve this HP Printer problem.
  4. Printer driver problems
    Loaded queue
    Generally, once your printing job is done, the print queue clears itself. However, sometimes you may have print jobs in the queue and are either postponed, paused, or stopped. If you encounter these HP Printer issues, then try out the following solutions-
    i. Save the print jobs that you want to print later on and then turn off your printer and unplug it. Then turn it on again after 5-10 minutes.
    ii. If that doesn’t work, you could also go to the Print Spooler option and stop it.
    If you are still facing these HP Printer issues, then contact HP Printer Customer Service Number at +1-833-486-0565 for immediate support.
  5. Wireless HP Printer is very slow
    If you are using a wireless HP Printer is taking too long to print, then here are some HP Printer troubleshooting methods that you can try-
    i. Check if your wireless printer is located close to the printer and there are no obstructions in between. The farther your printer is from the router, the longer it will take to print.
    ii. Another possible solution is to check your Wi-Fi speed and its configuration settings.
  6. HP Printer is not printing from a mobile device
    Despite being mobile-friendly, it sometimes gets difficult to print from a mobile device. This is one of the frequent HP Printer issues that users wanting to print from a mobile device face. Here are some HP Printer troubleshooting methods that you can try-
    i. Ensure that your mobile device has the required software needed to print using mobile.
    ii. If you have the required software and yet aren’t able to print from a mobile device, then you can try refreshing your printer list, log out and log back in into your print software, and ensure that your operating system and the printer driver is updated.
    If you still are having HP Printer problems with printing from a mobile device, then contact HP Helpline Number at +1-833-486-0565 for assistance.
  7. Clogging of Printhead
    This is one of the most common HP Printer issues for those who do not use their printer often. To know how to fix HP Printer whose printhead has been clogged, try these steps-
    i. Use a damp paper towel and blot the cartridge, with the side of the printhead facing down to the towel.
    ii. Blot a couple of times and you will be able to see ink patches in the paper towel that you have placed.
    iii. Once enough ink has been let out, hold the cartridge against a dry paper towel for some time, preferably 30 seconds.
    iv. Once done, place the cartridge back in and run a test print.
    v. If the above method doesn’t work, then you will have to clean the entire printhead for clearing out dust and dirt.
  8. New cartridge not working
    If you have recently changed a new cartridge, then chances are you will face these HP Printer issues. Here’s how to fix HP Printer new cartridge not working issue-
    i. Try reinstalling your old cartridge, doing a test print, uninstalling it, and then installing the new cartridge again. Often times, the issue is created when HP Printer fails to identify the new cartridge. Performing cartridge swap will help the printer in adjusting to the new cartridge and help you fix this issue.
    ii. Check if you have removed all the protective seals of the new cartridge.
    iii. Check if the vent of your new cartridge is blocked.
    iv. Clean your printhead and cartridge area.
  9. HP Printer shows “Replace Cartridge/Low ink” message
    This is one of the common HP Printer issues for users using new versions of HP Printers. You may see this message even when there is ink in your cartridge. Don’t worry. It is just a reminder for you to keep extra ink cartridges handy. If you have been repeatedly getting this message, then try out the following HP Printer troubleshooting methods-
    i. Reset cartridge counter.
    ii. Disable low ink messages.
  10. HP Printer shows “Non-genuine” cartridge message
    These are known HP Printer issues that happen if you are using third-party cartridges. You can either click Okay or try uninstalling and using a genuine HP ink cartridge.
  11. HP Printer is overheating
    Overheating of the printer could be due to faulty cables or driver issues. Unplug your printer and let it cool down for a while

Call HP Support Toll Free Number +1-833-486-0565 For HP Printer Issues

Along with these HP Printer issues, there are many other HP Printer problems that you may face. If you want to know how to fix HP Printer problems and need assistance with HP Printer troubleshooting, installation, maintenance, or repair, then get in touch with HP Helpline Number at +1-833-486-0565.

-Published: 28/12/2020
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