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HP is a US-based IT company, which is famous for manufacturing laptops, desktops, printers, etc.HP additionally make software programs for their products. HP Provides high-quality services to their clients but sometimes laptops, desktops, and printers create some kind of bugs, and those bugs need to be fixed. Download HP Printer Assistant is one of the easiest and helpful software programs for people who are using

HP printer assistant is a printing software, which is used to run several printer tasks like set-up printer, scanning, checking ink levels, ordering supplies and many more.

These are the following steps to install and download HP printer assistant:

  1. Firstly “turn on” your printer.
  2. Now, you have to make sure that the “USB cable is disconnected” from the printer.
  3. Now, visit the “HP support page” in order to proceed further.
  4. Then, enter the model number of your printer and click on “Submit”.
  5. The Result page will appear and get so many options, select your printer model number.
  6. Select the version and click on the “Download HP Printer Assistant” option.

How to install HP Printer Assistant software on Windows?

After downloading the printer wizard, the next step is to install it. During installation, you will get two options. You can select the one you like best.

  1. Typical installation
  2. Recommended installation

In case you do not see the option for installation or have any problem in the process, you can request professional help from printer experts.

What is the correct way to use the HP Printer Support Assistant?

Typically, in most cases, HP comes with an HP Printer Support Assistant. Here are some steps that will help open the software:

  1. Move the cursor to the taskbar.
  2. Then, locate and select the printer support wizard
  3. Finally, look again for the support assistant option and open the application.

If it does not open, there are chances that the software has not been installed correctly. You can try to solve the problem manually or seek technical help from professionals directly.

Is HP Printer Assistant Mac available?

Unfortunately not. This software is not available for Mac. But, if you still want an HP Printer Manager for MAC OS or OS X, you can continue, download and install the HP Utility software. The best part of Mac software is that it is also equipped with the same tools and features.
If you want to continue downloading or installing HP Printer Utility for Mac, you can simply request technical help about the problem.

What to do when the HP Printer Assistant does not open? Guide to resolve the error

There may be times when you cannot find the printer software. At these critical moments, you can choose to solve the problem by following the methods below:

  1. From the list of printers, you must remove all printers.
  2. Set the printer as default
  3. then, connect the HP printer to the HP Printer Assistant software
  4. Restart your printer and PC
  5. Also, try and remove then reinstall the HP Printer drivers.

These methods should be able to solve the problem the HP printer will not open. Otherwise, do not hesitate to seek professional help.

How to configure HP Printer Assistant Windows 10?

If you are looking for the HP Printer Assistant settings in Windows 10, the methods mentioned below can surely help you.

  1. Try reconnecting the HP printer in Windows 10
  2. Then uninstall the HP printer software installer and reinstall it using the latest driver updates.
  3. Finally, you can try using the built-in print driver for Windows 10.

In case you have any difficulty following the methods successfully, seek the help of the HP Printer Support Assistant.

HP printer assistant is already downloaded. If you encounter any error related to it, You can connect us by directly call on our download hp printer assistant number +1-833-486-0565. Our Technical support number 24X7 and our technical support team will settle your error because we trust in customer satisfaction.

-Published: 18/01/2020
By: Printer-Support-Helpline-Number

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