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HP DeskJet 2630 manual connection, You can connect the printer to a wireless network using a wireless Connecting device which allows computers & devices to connect to that network to use the printer. Only some HP printers have wireless functionality, so make sure your printer is capable of connecting to the Internet before continuing.

Follow these basic steps to connect my HP 2630 printer to WiFi:

  • Firstly, check your computer and your network is compatible or not.
    • If it’s compatible then Search for your printer’s software.
    • Double click and open printer setup software
    • Now turn on your printer.
    • Then start following the on-screen options until you reach the “Network” option.
    • Choose your wireless network and click on Yes.
    • Now, wait until your printer connects to the wireless connection.
    • Lastly, click on the finish.

Steps to configure the Deskjet HP 2630 Wi-Fi Direct and Wireless Direct

  • Before starting the printer process, strive putting the device on the flat platform using the HP Deskjet 2630 Wireless and Wi-Fi Direct direct printer alternative at the control panel.
  • The HP Wireless Direct and Wi-Fi Direct printer settings are different during the setup process.
  • Later in the other settings, provide the WPA2 password, if requested by your system or Printer Settings. Make sure that Wi-Fi Direct always uses the WPA2 passphrase settings.
  • Finally, go with wireless connectivity and add the setup 2630 printer to the wireless connection.

Steps to print from a smart printer via Wi-if Direct.

  • Just focus heavily on the connection status of the dj2630 printer, with reference to enabling the direct Wi-Fi option and eventually modifying the access mode, either manual or automatic, respectively.
  • On the alternative hand, try installing the latest version inside the HP Print plug-in for smart access in printing.
  • Now, try to choose the document to be printed and focus heavily on the 123 hp wireless security settings of name and password for user references.
  • Finally, verify the name of the Wi-Fi directly on the control panel.

Steps to configure the network printer with Deskjet 2630 cable

  • Primarily, prepare for Hp Printer driver installation and network connection by making sure with the available Ethernet network ports.
  • Make sure the router connections with respect to the router, if you do not connect it effectively.
  • Try connecting the printer to the network by turning it on and finally remove the protective cover from the Ethernet port on the back of the printer setup deskjet2630.
  • Focus heavily on the software that is required for access with reference to the network. Verify the name of the wired network and try printing, faxing and scanning.

HP DeskJet 2630 manual connection

  1. Check if the printer is installed on your computer. Connect the printer to your computer
    using the USB cable and let it install the software since the printers have HP DeskJet
    2630 installation CD.
  2. Turn on your printer. Check if the printer is plugged into an outlet and hit the
    Power button.
  3. If it is important to use the touch screen, activate it. Some printers need to have their touch
    screens folded or turned on separately from the printer.
  4. Choose Settings, the option may vary depending on the model of your printer. You can easily identify it since
    It is often denoted using a wrench or a gear icon.
  5. Now, you can select the network. Then select Wireless Network Assistant. You will be asked to
    Printer to initialize the search for a wireless network. Find a wireless setup wizard.
  6. Choose your network name and password. Click Done and select Accept when prompted. You are
    made with the HP DeskJet 2630 manual Wi-Fi connection.

Connect my HP 2630 printer to WiFi | Dial Support Helpline Number +1-833-486-0565

I hope these easy steps will resolve your issue completely. But, if you still find yourself helpless somewhere in connect my HP 2630 printer to WiFi, place a call at our HP printer technical support number +1-833-486-0565. We are available to assist you 24X7 with expert customer support services. We have a customized tech support team to fix your HP Printer Issues via phone call, chat, email, and remote access. Our technicians are experts in providing help desk customer and IT support.

-Published: 18/12/2020
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