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HP printers have evolved with technology and become more advanced. So it is obvious to face technical issues while using these printers. Fix Error 49.4c02 on HP Printer, HP printer error 49.4c02 is the most disgusting issue that is being faced by many customers. Sometimes, when you give a print command from your computer, your HP printer fails to Print, and rather displays the HP printer error code 49.4c02 and asks for a restart.

Here are a few steps by which you can fix 49.4c02 error:

  1. Check and fix if there is any kind of Network issue.
  • Check the LAN connection, and reboot your computer system at once
  • Confirm that your HP printer shows up the “Ready mode”
  • In order to sort out the issue, try to print the configuration page by visiting the menu and then select the print configuration
  • If you can print the configuration page, you have to remove the network connection to retain the stable performance

To Troubleshoot Network Issue Follow these Steps

  • Firstly, Configure the IP address
  • Once it shows the Ready mode, You have to update the firmware of your HP printer
  • Re-install the HP drivers for your printer
  1. 2. Delete the printing queue by removing the stuck printing jobs
  • Go to the “Start” option and then move your cursor to “Printers” and “Faxes”
  • Start the printing queue and if nothing is important, you can freely remove the printing jobs from the queue
  • Now, delete each job from the queue and be assure that everything has been cleared
  • After that try to print again
  • 3. Upgrade the firmware of your HP printer
  • Print the configuration page of your printer
  • You may see the “Firmware Date Code”, and the Firmware version on the printed copy of configuration page
  • Now, check the date and if it’s too old, update it instantly

Steps to overcome the HP 49.4c02 printer error code

Below are the effective steps you can try to get rid of this problem.

Remove all print queue jobs
Delete all the jobs which might be inside the Print Queue. You can do that by using performing the steps below.

  • Click on the printer icon in the right corner of your PC to go to the printing device.
  • Go to the Print Queue list. And delete all jobs that are in the queue.

Try printing a test page
Turn off your printer, disconnect the plug that connects your printer to the system, and then turn it on again. When your cable is disconnected, check if the printer is ready or not. After that, you can do a print test.

Disable advanced printing features

  • Click on Windows Logo Printers.
  • Choose the “Printer queue” option.
  • Left-click and select the “print preference” option.
  • You must select the Advanced Option.
  • From the Document option, select the “Advanced printing functions” option.
  • After that, press to disable it.
  • Verify print quality.

If the error continues to be there, go to the next step.

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Fix Error 49.4c02 On HP Printer, Hope these easy steps will resolve your HP printer 49.4c02 error completely. But, if you still find yourself helpless somewhere in sorting out HP printer issues, place a call at our HP Printer Technical Support Number +1-833-486-0565. We are available to assist you 24×7 with expert customer support services. We have a customized tech support team to fix your HP printer issues via phone call, chat, email and remote access. Our technicians are expert in providing help desk customer and IT support.

-Published: 18/12/2020
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