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Do Troubleshooting Canon printers call now toll free +1-833-486-0565 & fix all canon printer errors. Facing Canon Printer Errors? Ways for Troubleshooting Canon Printers call now canon customer service number +1-833-486-0565. Printers being an essential aspect for our personal and professional works, it is really frustrating when you want to print something on the go and your printer stops working. What’s even more frustrating though, is diagnosing what is causing the issue and trying to resolve them. To save your time in diagnosing and troubleshooting Canon printers issues, in this article we have compiled a list of common Canon Printer errors & issues and ways to troubleshoot them. For assistance on troubleshooting Canon printers issues, contact us at Canon customer service number +1-833-486-0565

Canon Printers are manufactured and distributed by the Japanese multinational corporation, Canon. Along with printers, Canon also manufactures imaging and optical products which include cameras, TV & related equipment, copiers, projectors, scanners, microscopes, binoculars, diagnostic systems, calculators, CCTV, and a lot more.

Canon printers are trusted worldwide and used for individual and business purposes. Our experts provide support on all Canon printer errors. Whether you are facing popular Canon printer errors like Canon error 5b00 or Canon printer error 5100, or other errors, we assist in troubleshooting Canon Printers. Our assistance is available 24/7 and you can get in touch with our Canon printer customer service Number +1-833-486-0565 for queries.

Here are some common Canon Printer errors and ways for troubleshooting Canon Printers.

Common Canon Printer Errors For Troubleshooting Canon printers Call Toll-Free +1-833-486-0565

To understand what type of Canon errors that you are facing, you should know what different error code means. Here are a list of common Canon Printer errors with their codes and what they mean. We have also listed the methods for Troubleshooting Canon Printers for particular error codes.

  1. Canon Printer error 5100

When you see Canon Printer error 5100 in your screen, then it means that a service error has occurred or there is a problem with your ink cartridge.

Troubleshooting Canon Printers for Canon Printer error 5100:

Reset ink cartridge- Canon error 5b00 may be caused if your ink cartridge hasn’t been set properly. You can troubleshoot Canon Printers by opening the front panel of your printer and resetting your cartridge.

Reset printer- Canon Printer error 5100 could also be caused due to printer overworked printer. In that case, reset your printer by pressing the stop button for about 5 seconds and then releasing it.

Clean printing strip- Sometimes, printing strip may be unclear due to dust or other materials and that may lead in Canon Printer error 5100. You can easily check if your printing strip is clean by locating the white plastic material above the drive belt, inside your printer.

Clear jammed paper- Jammed paper are also common culprits for Canon Printer error 5100. Check if your printer paper are jammed by opening the back panel of your printer.

  • Canon Error 5b00
    Canon Error 5boo is one of the commonly occurring Canon Printer errors. It occurs when your ink system is unable to absorb the ink. This error suggests that the ink absorber is full.

Troubleshooting Canon Printers for Canon error 5b00:
Troubleshooting Canon Printers for Canon error 5b00 is easy and can be done by following the mentioned steps-
Reset waste ink system count- Turn off your printer and disconnect the power cable.
Long press and hold the Resume button.
Simultaneously, press and hold the Power button.
Once you do that, a green light will appear.
While pressing the Power button, release the Resume button.
The light will turn to amber and then back to green.
Now, release the Power button too.
Press the Resume button four times.
Then press the Power button once.

Once you complete all this, your ink counter absorber will reset.

Clean waste ink foam- This is another troubleshooting Canon Printers method to resolve Canon error 5b00.
Open your printer’s front cover.
Take out all the cartridges and locate a foam pad near the white rollers.
Use a paper towel to clean the foam pad.
Once done, keep everything back to their place.

Restart your printer.
Canon Error E13, E16, U162, U163
This Canon Printer errors are mostly related to ink cartridges and mostly occur when your ink cartridges have run out of ink. Troubleshooting Canon Printers from these errors usually involves replacing the ink cartridges and restarting your printer.
If, however, you aren’t able to resolve these errors, then contact our Canon printer customer service Number +1-833-486-0565 for troubleshooting Canon Printers instantly.

Canon Error 1686, 1688
Just like the above one, this error also suggests that your ink cartridge has run out of ink and should be replaced with a new one.

Canon Error E04, E07, U075, U076
This Canon Printer error suggests that you’re Fine cartridge has been installed incorrectly. If you don’t know what fine cartridge is, then it is the tri-colored cartridge used in your printer.
You can perform troubleshooting Canon printers of these errors by opening your printer cover and removing this cartridge and reinstalling them. Remember to retract the output tray extension before opening your printer cover.
If you need assistance with troubleshooting Canon Printers, then contact us at Canon printer customer service Number +1-833-486-0565 for immediate support.

Error code E05
This error code causes an orange light in your printer to blink 5 times. This is mainly caused when the print head is missing or has been installed incorrectly.

Error code E14
Similar to error code E05, this error code also causes an orange light in your printer to blink. However, as the number suggests, the orange light blinks for 14 times and is mainly caused if the ink cartridge that you are using for your printer is not supported by the printer.
You may try to reinsert your ink cartridge.
If that doesn’t work, then contact us for troubleshooting Canon Printers at Canon printer customer service Number +1-833-486-0565

Error code E15, 1487, 1486
This error codes mainly occurs if your ink cartridge has been installed incorrectly. You can perform troubleshooting Canon Printers of these errors by simply checking the cartridge codes and reinstalling ink cartridges.

These are just a few common Canon Printer errors that may occur in your printer along with methods for troubleshooting Canon Printers. If you are facing unknown Canon Printer errors and aren’t able to resolve them, then please contact us for troubleshooting Canon Printers at Canon printer customer service Number +1-833-486-0565

We provide 24/7 assistance on all Canon Printer errors and effectively conduct troubleshooting Canon Printers for you. Get expert canon printer support on Canon printer installation, Canon printer driver download, Canon printer software, Canon driver download, Canon printer setup, and any other issues that you are facing. Contact Canon printer customer service Number +1-833-486-0565

Troubleshooting Canon Printers – Canon printer customer service Number +1-833-486-0565

Our professionals effectively conduct troubleshooting Canon Printers of its errors. Along with resolving Canon Printer errors, our experts also install, sync, diagnose, repair, and optimize your printers. All you need to do is contact our Canon printer customer service Number +1-833-486-0565 and we will be there for technical assistance.

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For any assistance, please get in touch with our Canon printer customer service Number +1-833-486-0565. We are available 24/7 to assist you. To know more about other diagnoses and repair services that we offer, please visit our Services page. You can reach out to us either by calling us, emailing us, or filling our contact form.

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