Brother Industry is a Japanese company, It’s a multinational electronics company. Brother products are printers, multifunctional printers, desktop computers, industrial sewing machines, label printers, typewriters, fax machines & more other. If you are looking for a reset my Brother printer? In this article, we are here to provide you with a solution.

If your brother printer is not working properly, In case certain settings do not provide the desired results, it means that you must reset the settings to their factory default values. then you can reset your brother printer to factory settings. There are some easy steps to how do reset my brother printer.

  1. Firstly turn the printer off.
  2. Now press & hold down the GO button.
  3. If the light turned off, Release the Go button and again press it down so the lights turned on.

Steps to factory reset my Brother printer

Printer problems are very common and are the reason for customer complaints. The customer often complains about the functionality of the printers instead of making attempts to fix it. Several printer problems can be solved by simply turning the printer on and off or simply plugging in or unplugging the power cord. But when common mistakes occur over and over again, it’s time to factory reset your printer.

The factory reset will revert your print to its factory default settings. Instead of risking your printer to repetitive problems and manual troubleshooting, it is better to perform a full reset. As such, it will remove everything that allows you to configure and connect it correctly.

Printer control panel

  1. First, turn off the printer and make sure all covers and covers are tightly closed.
  2. Then, plug the power cord from the power outlet and prepare to restart.
  3. Now press and hold the Go button on the printer control panel. After that, turn on the power without releasing the Go button. Wait a few seconds until the printer is fully on.
  4. Release the “Go” button and wait until the light indicators are stable. And then it starts to shut down.
  5. Then press the “Go” button 6 times when the indicator lights are active again.

Reset the printer software

  1. First, open your web browser and go to the official website of the Brother printer and click on the “Support” menu. Then, in the drop-down menu, select “Drivers and Downloads” and click on “Printers.”
  2. On your printer model, choose or type and click “view” and see “your results”. Select your operating system and click “Search.” Now verify the results with “BRAdmin” and click on the “Information and download” link and then click on “Download”.
  3. Run the download program and follow the instructions until the process is complete. Then, start BRAdmin and select the model number of your Brother printer.
  4. Now open the Control menu and select “Network Settings”. If there is any type in your password then click “Accept.”
  5. Go to the “Control menu” option and select “Reset factory settings”.

When you reset your Brother printer to the factory default settings, you cannot undo it. Therefore, create a backup file for your documents, passwords, files and IP address before performing the full reset.

After following these steps resolve your issue on how to reset my brother Printer. if you are facing the same problem. Then you will get Brother Printer Support 24X7. Brother Industry is famous for its services and support as well. You can connect us by directly call on +1-833-486-0565. Our technical support team will definitely resolve your issue and provide you the best services because we trust in customer satisfaction. If you have any issues related to your Personal Computer or laptop, you can also visit our Website and get technical support.

-Published: 13/01/2020
By: PrinterSupportHelplineNumber

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